Monday, May 2, 2016

The Silly Things We Do...

Here I am again when I really should be washing laundry, scrubbing the bathroom, paying bills, making bread, and mopping floors.  But hey, you're here with me so I guess that it is OK!  Time to take a break from life for just a few minutes and catch a laugh or two.

Have you ever done anything that has been completely silly?  Ok, not clown silly, but forget your keys silly?  That was me over the weekend.  I went with my hubby to work on our rental house and then we made a phone call to our property manager to give updates on the work we did.  In mid phone call, I handed the phone to my hubby.  Not five seconds later I was frantically checking my pockets and even asked my hubby "Where's my phone?"

He kindly looked at me and said "I'm on it honey!"

How many times a day do we do silly things like this?  We put our glasses on the top of our head and wonder where they wondered off to.  

Your keys are jingling in your pocket, but you search the entire house and even call your spouse at work asking if they have somehow misplaced the keys.  Then you check your pockets and realize...oh yeah, I put them in there! 

My favorite is running into walls or any other inanimate object and then cuss out the stupid thing for being in your way.  This one gets my son all the time.  I am constantly reminding him that the wall was there first and no matter what he says or does to the wall, it ain't gonna move!

I finally figured out what causes instability and clumsiness though.  A while back my kids and I had "pirate day" at our house.  We had the sash, vest and even the eye patch.  The kids looked great!  However, with only one eye to use as a guide, their orientation was WAY off and they kept running into STUFF.  Didn't matter what it was, they ran into it.  The funnest thing to watch was them going up and down stairs.  (I thought only older people (me) used the wall as a support when traveling up or down, but I was wrong!)  So if you are wondering were you inherited your clumsiness from, maybe you were dressed as a pirate as a child one too many times and your brain wasn't able to process "normal".

Another favorite is how the floor just reaches up and grabs your foot so you stumble so hard you just have to reach down and give said floor a hug!  

Or you are going up the stairs and loose count thinking there is one more step when there isn't and you "Hulk Stomp" the last step. 

I hope that I am not the only one who has days like this!  Please let me know of the "silly" things you have done.  It will help me to know that I do indeed have fellow friends in silliness!


  1. The best is watching people do it! I was at work the other day and one of my co-workers had "misplased" their phone and they were searching frantically for it and then they realized it was right behind them :)

  2. I have actually been in a conversation on my phone and forgotten where my phone was

  3. Another one. Today I was teaching swim lessons and I was having my kids jump to me and as I was helping one that had just jumped to me back to the wall, I looked to make sure all four of my kids were there. And because I had only counted the there others on the wall, I started stressing trying to figure out which one was missing and where they went. Only to realize the "missing" one was in my arms!

    1. I cannot believe that you actually LOST A CHILD!!! That is like the ULTIMATE silly!!