Sunday, November 20, 2016

You Had One Job...

If you have ever spent any time on the internet you will have run across the series of pictures titled "You Had One Job".  This is a series of pictures that show the not-so-intelligent make up or labeling of "things".  For example, a stair rail that cuts itself off.  Apples marked as oranges.  Batman superhero in a Spiderman package.  I could go on and on.  I have spent several minutes (ok, hours) of my time laughing at the absurdness of some of the pictures.  I never thought I would ever be the one to post a "you had one job" picture, but here it goes.

Yep!  At Sam's Club in Riverdale, Utah you can now get Sesame Beef that is made with "all natural chicken".  I ask you:  How does that happen?  Is this a new breed of cattle that I really need to know about?  My uncle now runs the cattle ranch that I grew up visiting in the summers, and he might just be a little curious about this rare breed.

Really, I know that sometimes we all get in a rush to finish a project, and I'm sure that we have ALL been the subject of a "you had one job" incident.  It all goes back to the subject that NO ONE is perfect.  There was only one perfect person who walked this earth and, I hate to break it to most of you, but you were NOT him.

So yeah, I got a great laugh about my personal encounter of the "you had one job" product.  I know that my hubby will love eating it (I don't do spicy).  But it serves as a great reminder to give people a little slack.  Mistakes happen.  We need to laugh with them then move on.

Friday, November 11, 2016

You Got to Go Through STUPID to Get to GREAT!

Here in the states we just had our Presidential Election.  I am NOT an overly political person, politics confuse me.  After all, why can't people just use plain common sense for things?  Why do they have to make things so complicated and hard to understand?  It all boils down to one simple fact: 

We all play in the same sandbox, we need to stop throwing sand, put down our shovels and just get along!

Image result for sandbox
I guess some people just have a harder time understanding this rule of "do unto others" than other people do.  If you start throwing "sand" some of it is going to get on yourself.  You never know where it is going to land - your eyes is the most common place and that hurts like a bugger!!  No one escapes from the "sand" once it goes airborne! 

I for one try to make sure that other people feel loved and appreciated (I manage it most of the time, but I am still human and working to smooth out my rough edges).

Anyhow, back to the election.  On the morning after election day, I informed my son of the winner of the vote.  This is how the conversation went:

Me: "We have a new president of the United States, buddy."

Son: "Really? Who is it?"

Me: "Mister Donald Trump."

Son: (hangs head low, heaves a big sigh, pouts) "But I don't want him to be President.  I don't like Donald Trump."

Me:  "Well, who did you want to be President?"

Son:  "I wanted George Washington!"

Me:  "Me too, but George Washington lives in Heaven!"

As I said before, I am not political, and yes, I did do my American responsibility and I DID vote (I didn't vote for Mr. Trump, but I am glad he won).  I know that this is a very touchy topic for A LOT of people and even bringing it up may cause some tension, but there you go.  I just hope that with a change of person in office things might get a bit better.  Yes he may have done some really stupid stuff in his past - and maybe even right now - but remember YOU HAVE DONE STUPID STUFF TOO, IT JUST HASN'T BEEN BROADCAST TO THE WORLD!

The human population is by nature STUPID.  I have often told my oldest daughter this very important fact of life:

"You have to go through STUPID to get to GREAT!"

There you have it.  There is no way around being stupid.  BUT, if you muddle through long enough and hold on tight enough, you may just break through the stupid phase of life and come out being GREAT!

I for one am eager to see the "greatness" of America develop.  We have been through A LOT of stupid and I know that we are bound to turn into great at some point down the road.  I guess what I am saying is, give Mr. Trump a chance to prove himself.  You never know what greatness can come from his time in office.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Service with a Smile...

The other day I was asked to help arrange a group of people to help a neighbor move and I was given very little notice.  I grumbled and groaned, all the while knowing that I would indeed take care of the situation and have the needed bodies there in time to help this neighbor.  When I talked to my sweet hubby about this situation, he kindly admonished me to "not be negative about the situation and just kindly ask for help."  I was kind and polite when asking others for help and the people that I did call were very ready to help just because help was asked for.

This got me thinking....why was I sooo negative when I knew that I would help and serve willingly?  Was my heart just not in it?  or did I just need a reason to grumble for a minute before I would pitch in and help?

Image result for could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other eyes
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I then went to a leadership meeting later that night and watched the following video:
(Disclaimer:  I am NOT associated with the medical institute listed at the end of the video, however, I DO fully agree with the message that is contained in it.  Also, grab a box of Kleenex before you press play - you're gonna need it!) 

As you can see, this video really gets your mind thinking about what others are experiencing in their little world.  They can be truly devastated inside, but on the outside they put on a brave front and smile so the world doesn't know the truth.  Are you someone who is willing to see behind the brave smile of others and try to make someone's day a bit better?  or are you the type to think "well, they said everything is fine so I'll just go on my merry way".

News Flash:  when someone says they are "fine" chances are they don't really mean it.  More times than not they need a friend to show a little kindness in some small way.

When my oldest was just a baby, I became really sick and ended up in the hospital insta care center on a Sunday morning.  I was hurting and scared.  I didn't know what to do cuz I had never been there before.  I didn't know what to expect.  Add to that the emotions and hormones of a new baby (let alone a first baby) and you get me - which just happened to be a blubbering mess.  While I was there, I was gifted with the tiniest of kindnesses that two young men in white shirts and ties offered me.  They were kind and smiled.  I don't remember if they even spoke to me, but in that minute, through their kindness and smiles, I knew that Heavenly Father remembered who I was and that I needed His love at that time.  I will always be grateful to these young men who showed me kindness in the middle of a hospital waiting room.

This experience reminded me of the small acts of kindness that I need to share with others on a daily basis.  These acts of kindness aren't always big.  They can be as small as a smile to a stranger.  Or, as I was reminded just today, words of encouragement to a person who is really wanting to make a change for the better in his life.  It can also be the act of giving someone a second or third chance to make things right.  

If you are wondering how you can have the mindset on giving service to others more willingly, remember this statement:
"Learn to think like an angel and Heavenly Father will use you over and over"
For me it is going to be to give service to others without the groaning and grumbles.  I know that I want to help others, I just need to remember that the chance to serve doesn't always come when it is convenient to my time schedule.  Opportunities to serve come at any time of day, at any place you may happen to be in.  

I will do my very best to put myself in the shoes of others and serve them with a happy heart (sans grumbles).....will you?