Saturday, March 25, 2017

Be the "ROCK" for Others

Are you the "rock" for your children and family?  Are you the one that is there for them no matter what?  Even if they slam the door in your face, do you still try?  Raising children is HARD!!  Living with a rebellious teen is just about impossible.  Every time we as mammas get yelled at, ignored, insulted, doors slammed in our face, or whatever….we still try.  We still stand strong for those we live with.  Why do we try so hard?  Because of one little word….LOVE.

We try over and over, time after time, because of love.  It's that simple.  We don't expect much from anyone.  We just want them to know how much we love them - no matter what.

I recently came across a video clip from Marc Mero.  He is a Christian motivational speaker who addresses the issues of bullying, suicide prevention, substance abuse, goal setting, dreaming big, making positive choices and achieving your highest potential.   He is a former WWC and WWE Wrestling Champion, and has an extraordinary ability to connect with students and people of all ages and walks of life. 

From what I can tell in this video, he is talking to a group of High School/Middle School aged students.  I'm also pretty sure it was filmed during one of the school's "Red Ribbon Week" or "White Ribbon Week" awareness assemblies.  How can I tell this?  Cuz he is telling the kids about the dangers of what drugs and alcohol can do to mess up your life.  How drugs and alcohol can take away everything from you without you really knowing what precious gifts are being stripped from your life. 

He then tells about his "rock" that stood by him at all times.  His mother.  No matter what he did to her, she still tried.  She never gave up on her son.

I have included the video link in this post.  PLEASE take the next six minutes to watch it.  Have some tissues-or a shirt sleeve- handy, cuz you are gonna need it.  It don't matter if you are male or female, you will be touched by what is said in this video.  Go ahead.  I'll wait.
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I love what he said at the end of the video of all that he learned about his mother and his choices that effected his life:

 "All she ever wanted to do was to talk to me,…. If you have a mother or a father, tell them how much you love them,…See, my whole life was about being rich and famous, that's all I cared about. I had to win the race at the expense of my marriage, my family, [and] my friends. That's not how it was intended to be…..I learned what is truly important, and that is how precious this gift of life is, and how quickly it could be taken away. ... I no longer live in time.  I live in moments.  I'm not worried about tomorrow.  You see, it's not what's in your pocket that matters, it's what's in your heart that truly matters.  Love, love is just a word, until somebody comes along and gives it meaning.  You are the meaning."

Mamma, your life may be super tough right now, but in time your family will see just how important you are in their life.  They will see you through "new eyes" and realize just how strong you have been in your standards, teaching, training, and love for them.  You will be seen as the one person who never gave up on them.  And I guarantee, they will love you more than you can ever imagine.

Daddy, if you are reading this, please help your children see how important their mamma is to them.  To accomplish this, you must show them just how important she is to you.  Don’t throw the mother of your child "under the bus" by your thoughtless actions and words.  Make sure your children see you treating their mamma with the respect that she is entitled to.  She works hard to make your life easier.  She often times puts her life on hold just so she can support you and the things that you deem "important".  She is the one that keeps the children fed, the house from burning to the ground, and clothes in your closet - as well as the many other demands that are placed on her shoulders day after day.

If you are a young adult, or an older child reading this post, I hope you will take the time to see your mamma for who she really is.  She worries about you daily - sometimes every minute of the day.  I don't care if you are making wrong or right choices - your mamma worries about you.  She loves you with a love so complete that there aren't enough words to describe the love she has for you.  Also remember that that love comes out in many ways.  If it comes out harsh or scolding it is because she is afraid for you and that she doesn't know how to help you through the trial you are facing - but she desperately wants the chance to try to help.  If it comes out silly it's because she is overjoyed at your accomplishments and wants to celebrate with you.  If it comes out tender it's because she has connected with your spirit and is trying to communicate to your soul. 

A mamma's love is one step away of feeling God's love in the physical form - meaning a mamma was given to you from God so he could give you a hug here on earth.

Mamma, be the "rock" for your family.  Keep on trying no matter what.  Your reward in heaven will be worth it.  Seek for God's strength when the times get tough, but don't you ever give up!  Your family loves you back, they just need time to realize just how much they love you.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Having a Bad Day?

So I realized I haven't written a post for almost an entire month.  That is a really long time for me to go without sharing the things that are insightful to me.  I guess I have just been trying to wrap my brain around the fact that within 2 weeks we went from 4 feet of snow on the ground to swimming pools in our basements.  What a winter!

As I said before, I am super grateful that my home was spared from the worst of the flooding.  I have friends that didn't fair too well, and all I have been able to do is pray that they will be ok.  I help all I can, but like I've said before, I just feel that my best isn't good enough.

Today I was quite rudely reminded that people really do have bad days, and sometimes don't really know how to respond to others who are only trying to help cheer them up.  Since I have turned yet another year older, I have been no stranger to the "bad day".  You know the type of day I'm talking about.  The day when you took a test that you failed, you lost your keys, the kids threw-up all night and then for fun crawled in bed with you and thus made you sick, the dog chewed a hole in the couch, you got a ticket, your best friend no longer likes you…….well, I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea.  The thing is not how bad your day is, but how are you going to change the way your day is going?

Some people think things need to be absolutely wonderful all day long to be classified as a great day.  The truth is, you need to look for the "great moments" in your day.  Sure, you lost your keys today, but was the sun shining so you didn't freeze when you had to walk?  Sure you failed that test, but did you study hard and do the very best you could?  So what if the dinner burned, at least you got to eat your favorite cold cereal for dinner.  Who cares if your son was sassy to you this morning, did he give you a giant hug and say "I love you mom!"?

I love the following quote from President Gordon B. Hinckley:
Words of a Prophet:
So, you had a bad day.  I challenge you to look back on the day for what it was.  Can you see the Lord's hand in what went right today?  Even on bad days, you can always find a glimmer of good.  Search for the good and learn from the "bad".

I want to share what my wise 4th-great aunt said over 100 years ago:

“The sweets of life would all be wasted
On those who never grief had tasted.”

“After clouds have o’er cast the horizon and all nature has been clothed in a shadowy mantle-how much more do we appreciate the bright sunlight.  After the chilling frosts of Winter, how gloriously bright is the Springtime.  The bitter makes the sweet still the sweeter, clouds make us love the brightest sunlight, Winter causes us to appreciate Spring.  Adversity makes us humble and inspires gratitude for prosperity.”
-Ellis Reynolds Shipp M.D.
-2 Jan 1874 (Diary While Others Slept)