Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Slow-Riser Syndrome

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 Ever feel like this?  Like the road under you has just given way and there is seemingly no way across the chasm?  For me that time is at 7 am when the sun is shining on one side of the house but has forgotten the other side of the house.  Guess which side I sleep on and which side the kids sleep on....yup, the sun finds the kids first!

Then the day starts.  

I actually had to fix breakfast BEFORE 8 am the other was scary!  I  know, 7 am is normal for MOST all of you, but for me it is a challenge.  I dread waking up in the morning cuz then there is breakfast for hungry children, dishes to wash, laundry to clean, beds to make.....well, you get the idea.  Funny thing though, those are the EASY things to deal with before 8am.  

The hard stuff for me is remembering to put my feet on the floor and walk forward AFTER opening my eyes.  Yup, I have walked right into walls, doors, dogs, and children just cuz my eyes have protested opening before 8 am.  This is very painful!  I have gotten to the point of counting the steps it takes to get to the bathroom, I won't even go into what happens when my brain is still sleeping and I lose count of the number I am on!

I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree though.  My baby girl suffers from slow-riser syndrome as well.  We often joke that you cannot talk to her unless she has had her morning cup of cocoa.  If she doesn't wake up on her own she is a bear!  She also has a very unique sleeping situation.  Her room is the middle room of the house and the sun almost always forgets to wake her up.  

My son's room is at the back of the house and the sun just loves to tickle his little eyelids and say "hey you, I'm awake, come play!"  This leads to him bounding down the hall in an exuberant way and letting the world know that he is awake and ready to go.  He does try to be sneaky and quiet though, cuz he knows what the womenfolk are like, he has learned at a very young age, you don't wake a sleeping bear!

There have been times when I have been in the middle of a dream, sound asleep and I roll over to feel someone watching me.  At that second, I jerk awake, which startles my heart into super race mode, which then tells my brain that it has to jolt into action, which tells my feet to jump up and get going...well, lets just say that my body is the slowest part of the process and I have just about fallen out of bed cuz my son wanted to tell me "The sun is awake".

So to all you morning people out there, please be patient with us slow-riser syndrome sufferers.  We don't mean to take your head off, it's just that our brains aren't working at full capacity until at least 8 am.  You know that saying "forgive me for what I said when I was hangry"?  Well, please forgive us for the things we say and do when were aren't fully awake.  We really do love you and things will all work out when the clock strikes 8 am!

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  1. Ha ha right I can totally relate to this post, my middle child is a very talkative person and there are some mornings I really wish I could tell him to just stop talking because my brain just can't process yet. This made me giggle cause it's so relatable