Monday, May 23, 2016

What is "Happy Mail"?

Image result for funny minion rough week quote  The past week was CRAZY, not to mention a little bit difficult.  BUT, on a side note, like the minion stated, I didn't need bail money and I didn't have to hide any bodies!

It started with Monday.  Ok, that doesn't need too much more explanation.

Then Wednesday happened.  I visited a neighbor that had recently lost a son to a terrible situation.  I don't know who did more comforting, me or her.  You know the situation, you go to console the person and give them comfort during their time of loss, but you are so far gone that they end up patting you on the back and saying "everything is OK" while you are slobbering and dripping snot all down their back.  Ok, it wasn't THAT bad, but it felt like it.

After that, I went to grab my kids from my every amazing sister that steps in whenever I need an extra hand (see, moms DO have four hands, sometimes they are attached to another person!)  We soon discovered that my son had "lost" their dog (for complete story click here  Lost Dog ).

The week just got better and better too.  

I have started to avoid the mailbox.  It seems to me that the mailman only delivers doctor bills anymore.  That is such a terrible feeling "hey honey, what came in the mail today?"  "Just a few more doctor bills."  

I have gotten to the point of opening the bills and shoving them into the drawer.  On payday I take them all out, close my eyes and run my hands over the bills to see which one is gonna get paid that week.  Whichever bill my hand "lands" on is the lucky winner!

Why can't I just get "happy mail" for a change?  You know what "happy mail" is don't you?  It is the mail that lets you know your uncle's, daughter's, niece's, great-granddog is having babies....  OK, so that is a little extreme, but you get the picture.  

"Happy mail" is just that, mail that brings a smile to your face, not mail that makes you wish you would have crushed the mailbox instead of opening it.  Mail that makes you want to give your mailman a bear-hug instead of kicking him in the shins.

I love opening my mailbox and finding a card that says "hey, how you doing?" or a little note that says "hope your day is great!" or an announcement stating that my long-lost cousin is finally getting married after 40 years.

I often ask my hubby to run the bills to the postoffice.  He says "you want me to mail your letters for you?"  I say "no, I want you to mail the BILLS for me."  Then we get into a huge discussion on the differences of what qualifies as a letter or a bill.

A LETTER is something that you love to receive.  It delivers a certain amount of information that is pertinent to the individual receiving said letter.  You can find out who is marring who, who died, who bought a new house, who is graduating, who is having babies, or what someone wants for Christmas.

A BILL is just that.  A piece of paper that tells you how much you owe the electric, gas, or power company.  It can also tell you that you are dying because you now have over $2000 in doctor bills you got to pay!

The type of mail you receive in your mailbox can make or break your day.  And if your day is a little brighter because someone took the time to send you "happy mail" just think of how much brighter you can make someone's day by sending them "happy mail".

Go ahead, make someone's day a bit brighter today!

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