Saturday, May 28, 2016

Ok Week, Bring It On, I'm Ready!

Image result for funny minion starting tomorrow quotesThis week is gonna be rough, but I can make it through.  Somehow.  I think.

I actually made a family friend belly laugh over my current situation.  See if you have the same reaction after reading my situation.

It all starts today, my baby turns 4 years.  I bought her the cutest outfit to wear for her birthday.  It is pink and sparkly even!  Yeah, she took one look at it, said "oh", wore it for a total of 5 minutes, then promptly changed into something else.  Boy, I am NEVER shopping for clothes for her by myself again!  (I do have to admit this is a trait that she has inherited from me.  No one can buy me anything cuz I am very particular about what I wear.)

Next in line is a family BBQ on Sunday to celebrate the 2 high schoolers in the family that are graduating.  My brother's son and my daughter.  Luckily I don't have to do anything more than clean my house for this event, but that in and of itself is a royal chore.  After all, my family has cleanaphobia!

I THINK I will get a one or two day break where I can rewind and prepare for the next event.  THURSDAY!

On Thursday, my son graduates from Kindergarten, my daughter graduates from High School, AND it is my son's birthday (he will be 6).  I am looking forward to this day with equal amounts of excitement and dread.  Excitement cuz they both are at a very exciting time  in their lives and have reached amazing goals.  Dread cuz of all I have to do to prepare for the celebration events that day!

In the next 7 days I will be making 3 different cakes, hosting 3 different parties and wrapping several gifts.  It feels like Christmas in June!

I do feel special though.  Not many other mammas can say their 1st child and their 2nd child graduated on the same day (unless your 1st & 2nd are twins!).  One is graduating from High School while the other is graduating from Kindergarten.

Ok, week, bring it on!  I'm ready!

(10 minutes later.... I just found out that my downstairs shower is leaking and the bathroom is starting to flood!  Maybe I'm not as ready as I thought!)

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