Monday, May 16, 2016


I saw this on the news just today and thought "Really?  This person seriously thought the calf was cold and lost?  How sheltered of a life did the people who pick up this animal lead?"  To read the full story visit

I totally agree with the woman who posted the picture on facebook "PUT IT BACK!"  I  used to work in Jackson, WY when I was a younger form of myself and my coworkers and I would LOVE to cause mischief.  There were times we would cause a "moose jam" just to see who would stop!

For those of you who do not know what a "moose jam" is, it is where someone stops on the side of the road thinking that they see a moose or other form of wildlife.  The other "tourons", as we called them, would stop and look for the "wildlife" that the other tourists were looking at.  They would look for long periods of time at, literally, NOTHING just because someone was stopped on the side of the road and presumably pointing at SOMETHING!  This proves that you can't always trust the things you see other people doing.

We as "locals" for the summer, needed something to do to break up the monotony of work, work, work so we would create "moose jams".  There were, at times, SOMETHING  to look at, but for the most part, we started the "jam" then hightailed it out of there.  (If you are a person who lives in Wyoming, don't try to tell me that you NEVER created a "moose jam" of your own!)  It was fun to see what people would do and say.  Most often it would go something like this:

"I think I see it!  It's right over there (and then they point to a spot clear off in the trees that leads to the river with NOTHING in sight, but they thought they saw a slight movement which just happened to be the wind in the trees!)

There was a time when my friend and I really did see a moose and we truly got caught up in the "jam".  We weren't as stupid to jump out of our car, but we did roll down the windows to admire the mamma moose and calf.  They were soooo cute!  They became less cute as the mamma didn't like oglers looking at her baby and started coming towards our RED car! 

How many times do we do stupid stuff just cuz your brain failed to engage fully?  I have done this more times than I can count!  (I will probably share some of these moments with you during the life of my blog at some point in the future...)

So, if you live a completely sheltered life that has had NO contact with wild animals, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE leave them alone.  They are NOT lost or cold.  They DO have a mamma that WILL get VERY mad if you choose to foolishly "misplace" her baby!  If you really think about it, what would you do if someone took your baby cuz they thought it was lost and cold?  Yeah, people, use the brain that Heavenly Father gave you and make better choices!

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  1. The saddest pay about this story is they had to euthanize the calf because the mama bison wouldn't accept it as her own after the humans touched it