Saturday, May 21, 2016

Lost Dog....Umm

The other day when my sister was watching my two youngest children, there was a very unfortunate incident when my son "lost" their dog.  It was a very simple oversight of not mentioning to the adults that the dog got out of the yard.  My son finally mentioned something about an hour later.  Needless to say, the dog was lost.

I felt SUPER bad about the whole thing.  I even took time to go look for the dog with my sister.  We came up short in all areas, literally!  My brother-in-law was really frustrated, as he had the right to be, but he was also very understanding.  (Gotta love the guy!)

My sister finally "found" her dog at the animal shelter 2 days later.  The joy was simply overflowing!  I was soooo excited they found the dog that I went and "bailed" the dog out of "doggy jail".  This did wonders not only for me, but it made my brother-in-law super happy (it was his dog afterall).

So this is where my story of the lost dog ends, well, so I thought.

Today I was getting ready for the day and looked out the window where I discovered that the wind had blown open our back gate and our back door was standing wide open.  This is significant because we have a small dog.  I did not see our dog anywhere in sight and when I asked my hubby if the dog was inside he didn't know.

This led to "looking" for our "sweet" dog.

We called and called but she didn't respond in any way.  We asked the younger children, who were watching a movie, if the dog was downstairs with them.  They responded in the negative, so we enlisted the help of our teenager.

While the teenager was getting dressed to go out into the cold rain, my hubby and I went outside in the cold and wet and started calling.  I texted my sister who had "lost" her dog.  This is how the texting went:

ME:Guess what...we returned 
your dog just to lose ours...haha!

HER: Oh no!

ME:  Yeah...back door was open 
and the back fence was 
pushed open by the wind

HER:  Oh no!  How long has she been gone?

(Meanwhile my teenager walks out of her bedroom and looks over on the couch where the "sweet" little dog is casually stretched out between the younger children, without the slightest clue or care that her "humans" are frantically searching for her! My teenager then calls me on my phone to point out how the dog has been at home all this time!) 
ME:  Stupid dog!  She was 
downstairs all this time!  
Why don't they come when called?

ME:  That's me growling!

HER:  LOL!  I'm glad she isn't lost.  
give her a hug from me

ME:  Will do

(Meanwhile, after learning the whereabouts of the dog, I tried several times to contact my dear hubby on his phone only to be sadly disappointed in the fact he had left his phone home!  Who's lost now?)
ME:  Now I have lost my hubby...haha!  
He didn't take his phone 
so he doesn't know yet!

HER:  Haha now that is classic! 

So, just a few things to remember:

1 - Remind your sweet hubby to take his phone with him, and better yet, turn it on, so you can get a hold of him in times of need.


2 - Take the time to REALLY look before assuming the worst in a situation, the solution might just be casually stretched out in front of your eyes.


  1. Well.... I wouldn't say she was quite on the couch, but yes as I was dressing I heard her collar jingling and realized I could have stayed in my pjs longer :)

    1. Thanks for being diligent in your "daughter duties". You truly are an amazing daughter to jump in even when you really aren't needed. We love you girl!