Friday, June 3, 2016

Water Dog

Image result for OLder siblings creating trust issues All winter long we sit around and wish for summer so we can thaw out and finally get warm.  Then when summer hits we sit around and bemoan our "hotness".  As the weather gets warmer, we bask in the warmth with cold water and popsicles.  We even invent creative ways to keep cool in the ever rising temperatures.  

I came across an idea on Pintrest the other day that was a "Kid Car Wash".  I decided then and there that I was going to try this idea.  I hope that it works better than my many other attempts at doing a Pintrest idea!

 One thing my children love to do is play in the sprinklers.  We didn't always have sprinklers, we didn't always have grass for that matter either, but we eventually had sprinklers, and grass, to cool us down on those super hot summer days.

Thing is, I don't know who has more fun in the sprinklers, my kids or my dog.

You see, our little Miniature Schnauzer, Mia, LOVES to play in the sprinklers.  She will attack the sprinkler like it will spontaneously jump out of the ground and start attacking the family and destroying the home.  She is RELENTLESS!!  She will become so waterlogged that her belly will be double in size.  She will then start to sneeze which sounds like a reverse hiccup mixed with a wheeze.  It's almost like her poor little body can't decide how to react to the overdose of water.

She will take a break for about, oh, 2 minutes, then she is back at it again.  The following video is just a sample of what she does.

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Not only does she attack the sprinklers, but any time the hose is brought out for any reason, she starts to jump up and down and bark.  This is her way of saying, "Hey, human, I'm right here!  Don’t forget to water me!"  She attacks the hose spray like a little kitten attacks a red lazer light.  She will follow it anywhere!  It is fun to watch her little body flip and turn just so she can catch the water.  
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This gets only a little irritating when I want to keep the kids dry, but they love to "water" the dog.  Maybe this year I can convince them to use soap while they do their "watering".  Then they might both get clean, thus eliminating the nighttime bath.

So I might not have "dry" kids, but at least they are having a blast while the dog gets a workout.  And, hey, I always say that the wetter and dirtier my kids are, the happier they are!  I prefer happy to any other alternative.

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