Tuesday, June 7, 2016

T-Ball Adventures

My son, who just turned 6 last week, had his very first T-Ball game yesterday.  It was soooo fun!  In the words of my hubby's co-worker, "They looked like little ants running around the field".

I wasn't expecting "Babe Ruth", and I don't really know what I expected, but what I got was a fun-filled evening of laughter!

On the pitchers mound
My hubby has been working the past couple of weeks with my son on how to hit, catch and throw the ball.  The only thing that my hubby neglected to teach was how to treat your opponent.  That, apparently is self-taught, and my son really knows how to handle his opponent!  If he doesn't like the kid on the base that he is guarding, he just "gloves" him  (by "gloving", I mean that he uses his gloved hand to cover the head of the kid on base.)  This tactic doesn't always work though, and almost broke out into a fist fight!

I did discover that my son has a great arm!  He would throw the ball to 1st base and make a pretty accurate throw, whereas the person on 1st base would stare at the ball for a second and then realize "oh yeah, I need to pick that up!"  I am soooo glad score was not being kept!  It would have been a stalemate or whatever they call it in baseball.  (As you can see, I'm not very versed in athletic lingo).

A great team!
There was this little girl on my son's team that is pure "girl".  Right down to her pink sparkly shirt.  You could tell that she was there because her mamma wanted her on T-Ball for the experience, but you could tell that the little girl wasn't having any of it.  Instead of playing, she ran off to the nearby park and she absolutely refused to wear the navy blue t-shirt that constitutes as the uniform.  Her exasperated mamma (aka the coach) finally conceded to the pink sparkly shirt, and the little girl then played the game.  After a few attempts, she turned out to be a pretty good hitter.

Running to base
As the game progressed, it was fun to see the kids "abandon their posts" to grab the ball.  While all the runners on the opposite team ran from base to base, the kids in the outfield piled on top of each other to grab the ball.  When one of the kids actually did grab the ball, they would look around for someone to throw it to just to discover that the entire team was standing right there.  Yep, that is one part of the game that needs a bit of work.

Another part that was fun to see were the many attempts at throwing the ball.  There was one little boy of the other team that took the ball in his gloved hand and threw it with the glove.  (Kinda hard to explain, but you get the picture, right?)  Normally you are supposed to catch the ball with your gloved hand then throw the ball with the opposite hand, the one without the glove, this little kid just decided to skip a step!  I guess he figured that it saved time that way!

Waiting to bat
On thing that the kids did was WAIT.  They waited a lot!  They waited to bat, they waited to run, they waited to throw the ball to the next base, they waited.....well, you get the idea, they just WAITED!  This is a new experience for my son, cuz he HATES waiting for anything!  If he wants something, he wants it NOW.  I was amazed that he was really waiting for everything about the game last night.   I guess that he is developing a sense of "pause and wait".  It will, after all, make him a better person.
Waiting for the next runner on 2nd base

I can't wait to see the next game on Wednesday!  It is sure to be another fun-filled evening of much laughter!

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