Thursday, June 30, 2016

Get Out and Laugh!!

The other day I was in such a funk cuz nothing was working the way I had planned it to work.  I wanted to scream, shout, and pull my hair out!  I was supposed to go shopping with my two sisters, and we were supposed to leave at a particular time in the morning.  Well, I had a lesson to prepare and needed to make sure my video was working properly.  I thought I had everything ready, until I realized that my video was not compatible with the "smart TV" I was trying to play it on.

I spent a couple of hours working on this project and NOTHING was working.  I tried to reformat, I tried to copy it to a DVD, I tried standing on my head (OK - I didn't go THAT far - but you get the picture).  I was sooo frustrated that my sweet hubby begged my sisters to drag me out of the house, bodily if needed, and bring me back happy.

Well, I reluctantly left my unfinished project behind, and I was determined to make the most of the day I had left.

Ya know what?  It was the most amazing day with my sisters!

When we went to go eat, I told my sisters they had to order actual food and not just a drink.  This started some playful banter back and forth between us sisters.  This made the young man taking our order laugh.  I asked him if we were "making his day" and he said yes we were.  I was grateful that I could help his day go better than mine had up to this point in time.  When he asked if we were going to stay to eat our lunch or take it with us, I told him "We are going to stay here.  We'll just be your crazies in the corner!"  This made him REALLY laugh!  Thing is, we really were the crazies in the corner!

It didn't stop there!  Oh, no. 

We went to a store to purchase some "support clothing" for my one sister, but instead, after about an hour, we came out with two pairs of shoes for me!

Next was the second-hand store that we lovingly call "The Fashion Place" or "The Treasure Store", but is known to the outside world as the DI (or Deseret Industries).  This is were you can find anything from a nice outfit for super cheap to a bowling ball.  (I have bought both - recently!)  Anyhow, we were shopping and having a grand old time - laughing our heads off.  It got to the point we were grabbing stuff off the racks, in each others sizes, and the standard phrase of the day was "It's in the cart, you have to try it on".  When these words were said, there was no turning back no matter how ugly the item of clothing was!  Oh the fun we had with this!  I just wish we would have gotten pictures - next time I guess.

We spent THREE HOURS in the store!!!

We were pretty much on fumes when we left the store, but I was no longer in a grumpy mood and I really did have a good time with my sisters.  They decided that I would make a pretty good comedian as well.  We were laughing so hard all of us were crying,  my one sister couldn't breathe really well and I couldn't see where I was driving.  Thing is, we couldn't STOP laughing no matter how hard we tried.

So, my hubby pleaded with my sisters to take me out and bring me back happy.  I think they accomplished this goal.  My advice to you, my reader, is this, try to let go of things that you have no control over.  Take a break from what you are doing that is driving you insane and making you super frustrated, and just get out for a few hours and laugh.  Be silly with a friend or a sibling (one that you like is best).  Let your hair down and remember who YOU are for a change.  Don't worry so much, things always work out in the end!

P.S.  My lesson turned out great after all!  It also helped to have a new outfit from the "Fashion Place" and a new pair of shoes for just a bit of confidence!

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