Friday, February 24, 2017

Spring Has Sprung....

Ahhh!  Spring has sprung!  After a long, cold, hard winter it is fun to see the green grass starting to poke up it's tiny little head.  I even got a thrill at seeing the first baby calf of the season.  But wait!!  What about all that snow we got!?!?  Oh, yeah.  I guess when you get 4 feet of snow, and it starts to melt before the ground thaws, it needs to go somewhere.  That somewhere just happens to be into the homes it is surrounding.

Displaying FullSizeR.jpgMy brother from Texas has been monitoring our current situation with the flooding and sent me this picture.  As you can see, it may be exaggerating just a bit, but only by about one or two inches.

We here in Box Elder County have really been hit hard with flooding.  It was bad enough they called in the National Guard to come fill sandbags for those in the community that are in the flooding areas.  It is an awesome sight to watch both military and civilian work together to help protect each other from damage.  Our tiny little community has been on the news several times this past week as well.  That's saying something for us, cuz most of the time people can't even pronounce the name of our little town correctly. 
Image result for tremonton flooding Image result for tremonton flooding

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You can click on the following links to see some of the news reports regarding our flooding  

Image result for tremonton floodingI was driving down the road yesterday and was both amazed and frightened when I watched a manhole cover bubble over with water.  I have driven by several rivers and seen them close to covering the roads.  What once were fields are now lakes.  What once were parks are now almost non-existent.  There have been land-slides as well.
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I am super grateful that my home is higher than most of the community.  My home suffered just a little bit of dampness compared to the flooding of my neighbors and the rest of the community.  We have spent several hours running fans, changing towels and blankets to soak up the water, and worrying if our basement will flood to the point of disaster, but Heavenly Father has blessed us with minimal damage.  I just pray that I can be there for those that are in true need of assistance.

But the fun doesn't stop there.  Oh no.  Just today, after most of us are starting to get our footing and heads above water, we are being blessed with yet MORE SNOW!  It really is a beautiful sight to see the ground blanketed in a cover of white, but what that means for most of the residents here in Tremonton, Utah is more worries about flooding.

I have been told to look for the blessings, not to mention the humor, in all things.  I am desperately trying to find both right now.  I know we will desperately need this water come summer, and I really hope that some of this water will be here then, but whoever is praying for water right now - could you please STOP for just a couple of months?

Ok, I think I found the humor, just a tad though.  This doesn't deal with the outside water flooding, but more of the flooding of the "facilities" inside the home.

My youngest daughter was using the "facilities" one day, and after a few minutes I heard her say "Oh no!  No! Don’t to that! No! NO! NO!"  After hearing that I just had to go investigate.  What I saw was my youngest trying desperately to clean up an overflowing toilet and trying to coax it to stop flowing over.  I was very impressed too - she had towels and everything!  I had gone out of the room for just a minute to retrieve some cleaning-up supplies and I heard the toilet finally flush.  What was so funny about this entire situation was that my daughter said "Mommy, the potty swallowed!"

I know the weather is crazy right now and there is a TON of flooding still, but it will sure be nice to see the ground finally "swallow" all the water so people can dry out just a bit.  Until then, we will keep plugging away and trying to find blessings and humor in this whole thing!

Until then, I hope you can take a minute to pray for those who are in this pickle and that we can finally get some relief for what is happening here in Tremonton, Utah.

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