Friday, April 8, 2016

Silence is Golden?

I have often heard that silence is golden.  Well I have recently learned that "silence is golden, unless you have children, then it is just suspicion."  I can't tell you how true that statement is!  We recently moved into a new home (about two years now and we LOVE it!)  Just after we moved in, my sister was visiting and helping me do some projects.  Well, it got super quiet and I started to wonder where the kids had gotten off to, or into, as the case may be.  I put on my detective hat and went searching.

 It didn't take me long to find them and the mischief they had been up to.  Don't be fooled by these sweet innocent faces and smiles…it took FOREVER to clean up their little "construction zone"!  They had poofed 2 FULL bottles of BABY POWDER into my son's closet, covered his bulldozer and gave little Emma a "powder shower".  They were being "creative and constructive".

 Instead of getting mad, I did what any normal mother would do…I grabbed the camera, took pictures that I can show their future spouse, then I dutifully cleaned up the closet.
Needless to say:


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