Saturday, April 23, 2016

Our Sweet Emma

So I have been telling a bunch of stories about my oldest daughter, Jessica.  Some are great, some are just plain hysterical!  Well, I guess I better switch topics and choose one of my other children for a second.  Let me introduce you to my sweet little Emma.

Emma will be 4 years old in just a few weeks and she is so complicated that I can't figure her out at times.  One thing she loves to do is sing.  Just the other day I was at my sister's home sitting at the kitchen table and little Emma was playing outside.  Please keep in mind, the door was closed.  Emma was belting out a song for all the world to hear and we could here the words perfectly, although I was unable to recognize the song at the time.  When I checked on her, I found that she was at the back of the yard playing on the swings and NOT on the porch where I thought she was.  I realized then and there that I have a famous singer in the making on my hands!  

 One of the songs she loves to sing the most is the hit song from "Frozen" "Let it Go!"  When she first saw this movie, she woke me up at 2 am belting out the words "Let it Go! Let it Go!....the cold never bothered me anyway!"  Funny thing is, when I checked on her to make sure she was ok and still in bed, I found her singing in her sleep!  That's right, she was sound asleep singing!!  (This is a trait that she has inherited from her father.  That is another story for another day....)

Her love of the song grew and grew and she would sing it at the drop of a hat, or in this case, the drop of a bucket.  I was fortunate enough to get her rendition of "Let it Go!" on video.  I share it with you below:

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Super funny thing is, after she was done singing this amazing rendition, she promptly ran into the post behind her! 

Kids, you got to love 'em, and I love mine most of all!!

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