Sunday, November 20, 2016

You Had One Job...

If you have ever spent any time on the internet you will have run across the series of pictures titled "You Had One Job".  This is a series of pictures that show the not-so-intelligent make up or labeling of "things".  For example, a stair rail that cuts itself off.  Apples marked as oranges.  Batman superhero in a Spiderman package.  I could go on and on.  I have spent several minutes (ok, hours) of my time laughing at the absurdness of some of the pictures.  I never thought I would ever be the one to post a "you had one job" picture, but here it goes.

Yep!  At Sam's Club in Riverdale, Utah you can now get Sesame Beef that is made with "all natural chicken".  I ask you:  How does that happen?  Is this a new breed of cattle that I really need to know about?  My uncle now runs the cattle ranch that I grew up visiting in the summers, and he might just be a little curious about this rare breed.

Really, I know that sometimes we all get in a rush to finish a project, and I'm sure that we have ALL been the subject of a "you had one job" incident.  It all goes back to the subject that NO ONE is perfect.  There was only one perfect person who walked this earth and, I hate to break it to most of you, but you were NOT him.

So yeah, I got a great laugh about my personal encounter of the "you had one job" product.  I know that my hubby will love eating it (I don't do spicy).  But it serves as a great reminder to give people a little slack.  Mistakes happen.  We need to laugh with them then move on.

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