Friday, November 11, 2016

You Got to Go Through STUPID to Get to GREAT!

Here in the states we just had our Presidential Election.  I am NOT an overly political person, politics confuse me.  After all, why can't people just use plain common sense for things?  Why do they have to make things so complicated and hard to understand?  It all boils down to one simple fact: 

We all play in the same sandbox, we need to stop throwing sand, put down our shovels and just get along!

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I guess some people just have a harder time understanding this rule of "do unto others" than other people do.  If you start throwing "sand" some of it is going to get on yourself.  You never know where it is going to land - your eyes is the most common place and that hurts like a bugger!!  No one escapes from the "sand" once it goes airborne! 

I for one try to make sure that other people feel loved and appreciated (I manage it most of the time, but I am still human and working to smooth out my rough edges).

Anyhow, back to the election.  On the morning after election day, I informed my son of the winner of the vote.  This is how the conversation went:

Me: "We have a new president of the United States, buddy."

Son: "Really? Who is it?"

Me: "Mister Donald Trump."

Son: (hangs head low, heaves a big sigh, pouts) "But I don't want him to be President.  I don't like Donald Trump."

Me:  "Well, who did you want to be President?"

Son:  "I wanted George Washington!"

Me:  "Me too, but George Washington lives in Heaven!"

As I said before, I am not political, and yes, I did do my American responsibility and I DID vote (I didn't vote for Mr. Trump, but I am glad he won).  I know that this is a very touchy topic for A LOT of people and even bringing it up may cause some tension, but there you go.  I just hope that with a change of person in office things might get a bit better.  Yes he may have done some really stupid stuff in his past - and maybe even right now - but remember YOU HAVE DONE STUPID STUFF TOO, IT JUST HASN'T BEEN BROADCAST TO THE WORLD!

The human population is by nature STUPID.  I have often told my oldest daughter this very important fact of life:

"You have to go through STUPID to get to GREAT!"

There you have it.  There is no way around being stupid.  BUT, if you muddle through long enough and hold on tight enough, you may just break through the stupid phase of life and come out being GREAT!

I for one am eager to see the "greatness" of America develop.  We have been through A LOT of stupid and I know that we are bound to turn into great at some point down the road.  I guess what I am saying is, give Mr. Trump a chance to prove himself.  You never know what greatness can come from his time in office.

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