Sunday, August 14, 2016

Life's Little Blunders....Ugh!

You know how you are planning to do something really right for a change and then it turns out you did it really wrong?  Well, that was me......TODAY!!  

I feel like Ohh in the movie "Home" who sent out the email inviting the sworn enemy to their new home - "You're all invited to a party!  Just head to the Milky Way, turn right at the Big Dipper, third planet from the Sun.  Look for my balloons!"
You see, I was in charge of sending out an email to the ladies of my church, reminding them of the upcoming activities.  During this very simple task, I was interrupted SEVERAL times and when I have distractions and interruptions, accidents happen.  So the intended recipients DID get the email, along with EVERYONE I have EVER emailed before in my entire history of email.  This included, and was not limited to, several customer service places, my friends and family in other states, and maybe even one or more of you readers received my errant email.  This experience has showed me that even when I think I am doing things right I have LOTS of room for improvement.  Luckily, this particular email will not result in the destruction of my planet!

The funniest thing about this is I had included the quote:

I hope that the rest of my week goes better and this isn't an Oman for doom!  May your week be filled with as much adventure as mine will be (I get to answer responses to my errant email - yay!) and you remember that NOBODY is perfect and that we all need a little lovin' instead of criticizin'!

Oh, one other thing.....Learn to laugh at yourself for your mistakes, it makes you look human!

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