Monday, August 22, 2016

A New Chapter Begins....

So my daughter graduated from high school this past spring and is now headed off to college this fall.  We had the distinct opportunity to take her over to college and get her settled into her dorm this weekend.  This was a very bitter-sweet experience.

We spend all our children's lives preparing them for that fateful day when they will eventually move onto the next chapter in their lives, and yet there is a tiny space in your heart that screams "NO!  I'm not ready to let you go yet!"  That is where I am at tonight. 

I know that my baby girl has grown up to be an incredible young woman that has a level head on her shoulders.  I know that she will go far and do well in all that she is now involved in.  BUT I will still miss her.  My hubby, big tough guy that he is, had a difficult time locking the door the first night she was gone.  He said, "It just feels weird to lock the door and know that she isn't coming home."

I promised myself that I would not cry - and I haven't - YET!  I am getting teary-eyed as I write this and when I dwell on the fact that she is indeed moving forward with her life.  But there is an upside to all this too.  She only lives 30 minutes away and still loves to call home and come for visits.  YAY!!

Today she called and told me about an adventure that she had just today.  You see, the college she is attending offers a free shuttle service to and from campus.  They call it the "campus loop".  There is also a local bus system in the city that will take you anywhere in the city as well.  This bus also stops on campus to pick up students that need to make a run into town.  This being my baby's first time riding the shuttle system, she accidentally boarded the wrong bus.  She stepped onto the city transport instead of the college shuttle.  She texted me with her dilemma and the only advice I could give her was to sit back, enjoy the ride, and people watch.  That way she would have many stories to tell later.  After about an hour she finally made it back to her dorm.

This got me to thinking about how we ride the transports of life - do we get on the wrong bus, or do we pay attention to what is coming and going and make sure to ride the correct shuttle?  If by chance we DO get board the wrong bus, do we moan and complain and worry that things are going to turn out horrendous?  Or do we sit back and enjoy the ride?  Sure, it might take us time to get back on track, but what are we willing to learn from the experience?  

My theory has always been that you can either complain about a situation that you are placed in, or you can take a deep breath and learn from the situation.  Either way you look at it, you have to go through it cuz there isn't any going around.  Might as well take the deep breath and look for the good in the situation cuz the other alternative is just gonna give you ulcers and migraines!

I love the quote from Marjorie Pay Hinckley that says:
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 So, my life has started a new chapter.  It is sad to turn the page in the book of my baby's childhood and hard to see her grow up, but at the same time, I am excited to hear all the stories that she will share with me along the way of her new adventures.  And, I do get a small consolation prize, I still have two little ones at home that I can share more adventures with for years to come!

May your days be filled with laughter.  May you look for the adventure in a "wrong bus".  And, may your story be one worth telling.

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