Monday, January 29, 2018


Ever have a "Monday" sort of day?  Well, that is MY day TODAY!  If you could really see what I am typing as I am typing it you would be absolutely appalled by what you see.  Cuz EVERYTHING that I am typing I've had to RETYPE at least three times before it was fit to publish.  That's right - every word had to be deleted (while it was being typed) to be corrected in some small way.  And that is just dealing with the words in this blog.  Wait til you hear about the rest of the day. are looking at a failed attempt to "flip" a pancake!!

Hear it goes....

The dryer motor decided to give out on Wednesday so I haven't been able to wash clothes for a few days.  (Good thing we have extras and I washed the "unmentionables" before it gave out!)

I had a doctor's appointment where he told me to get "physical therapy" before any other action can be taken to diagnose my shoulder pain.  Not to mention that I discovered that I had gained a very unwanted 10 pounds!!

The kids took FOREVER getting ready for school today not to mention that as I am typing this post they are taking even longer to do their homework and chores.

I kept dropping my phone (among other things).

My kindle refuses to work with the app that downloads my library books.  (This is major cuz I am having "book withdraw" symptoms!!)

When I went to pay my repair bill for the dryer, I left the money out in the car and had to go get it.

And the list keeps going and going.  I could go on FOREVER but I won't cuz that isn't what I really want to focus on.  I know that at some point in this day (even though it is almost over) things are bound to get better!

I'm gonna start thinking that things are just "hunky-dory" and if I say it enough times it'll be true.  Right?  All I know is that as long as I don't wake up tomorrow on the wrong side of the grass it will be a great day!  So if you are having a "Monday" sort of day, cheer up!  Tomorrow is a new day for all of us!

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  1. This is a good reminder to all of us that even when the going gets tough we need to hike up or britches and yell at the world: BRING IT ON I GOT THIS