Friday, October 7, 2016

The "Wisher"....

What do you see when you look at this picture?

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Some people, like my hubby, see an obnoxious weed that he has to spray out of the lawn every spring and fall.  Some people see a work opportunity for their children to earn a little bit of money.  If the children pick so many of these out of the lawn they earn so much money.  Some people see a yellow flower in the middle of nowhere.

Image result for dandelionWhat my children see: a beautiful flower bouquet in their mamma's favorite color.  But most of all they see a "wisher".  That's right.  A "wisher".  They hold the fuzzy white head in a tight grip, close their eyes, chant the words "I wish, I wish, I wish", then blow with all their might and watch as the "wisher" turns into a brief snow-storm in the middle of summer that carries their wish to the "beyond" in hopes of coming true.  If you listen carefully you may just find out what your child really wishes for in their little world.  (Currently my youngest daughter wishes for an Elsa & Anna car.)

If you had a "wisher" right now in your hand, what would be your wish?  
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Would you wish for more time spent with your family?

Would you wish for bright pink nail polish?

Would you wish for a new car?

Would your wish be simple?  Something as simple as a smile from a friendly face.  Simple as a sunny afternoon you can enjoy with a loved one.  Simple as fluffy slippers and a warm cup of cocoa shared with your children (or best friend).  Simple as finding another "wisher".   

Would it be to establish world peace?  I think the world would be a better place if people just started treating each other like they, themselves, want to be treated.  

I had an experience the other day with my son.  He was beat-up by a group of older kids on the playground just because he wanted to play with them.  Because he was younger, they, older kids, saw him as a "pest" and figured the only way to get rid of a "pest" is to squash it.  Well, that didn't work.  It did make my son feel very bad, especially about himself, and it also made it so he didn't want to go back to school.  It just makes me soooo mad that kids have to be so mean!  Most of the time they learn to be mean from higher up in the ranks at home (parents or older siblings).  They are treating others like they are treated.  

So my wish for "peace" is for others (including myself) to take a step back and THINK about how they want to be treated and then ACT accordingly.  It doesn't take too long to go through this process, and I believe that there will be less hurting and more compassion and love for others.  World Peace starts at HOME with US, not across the ocean on another continent. 

I asked some of my friends and family what they would wish for and these are their responses:

"To be able to completely provide for my family with left over so I could give about $500 to my bishop to bless other struggling families." -M.L

"World peace or no more abortion." -M.L.

"That a drink from FIIZ would magically appear." -K.P.

"Two million dollars and a pocket full of spending cash...." -T.A.

"No more dandelions in my lawn." -W.M.

"I don't know.  Honestly life is good.  I feel blessed!" -N.H.
"To be married or make the NY Times best seller list." -M.M   
"More pleasant days to blow on dandelions with my little ones." -C.M.
"That I can always have a great close relationship with each of my kids." -C.S.
"A better living situation for the family." - E.C.
"To come home with a great job." -B.P.

"To go on a date and have that eventually lead to a boyfriend." -J.M.

"Pumpkin Pie." - J.M.

"For loyalty and faithfulness to come back into Style." - L.A.

"I would wish for my family to be happy." -J.H.
 What would YOU wish for?

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