Wednesday, March 30, 2016

So Why Did I Start a Blog?

You may be asking yourself why you are even bothering reading yet ANOTHER blog written by a mother.  Believe me...I asked the same question!  I have learned, in my many years on this earth, that a journey starts with a single step.  Well, here is my very first step on my very long journey.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I will presenting it.....

So, my dear sweet hubby came to me the other day and said "You should start a blog!" 

This brought a quick answer of "What would I blog about? No one would want to read or be interested in the things that I write."

He promptly said that I could write about whatever my brain thinks about.  Then I did some research about what a blog really is.  (I know...I learned from the internet what to do - quite scary if you ask me!)  I learned that a blog is really nothing more than an online journal.

Well, this won't be a journal - exactly- but I would like to share some thoughts and insights with you.  You won't find anything demeaning, crude or vulgar.  Just some insights as to what I have learned through my personal experiences.  Who knows - you might find some of the things I talk about insightful.  I would also love to hear from you, my reader.  I only ask that you be respectful - no vulgarity or crudeness.  I will try hard not to offend you, but if in the event that I do, let me apologize in advance, it is never my intent to offend.  I also send out a warning to my family members - you may be mentioned from time to time due to the fact that I have contact with you on a regular basis and you contribute to many of my insights.

So why the name "Short Mamma Insights"? 

         Well, I am short .... no really.... 4ft. 10 1/2 in. is nothing to brag about!  Also, I will try to keep my "insights" short and to the point.  

         I am also a mom.  I LOVE being a mom!  There isn't a day that closes that I thank a loving Heavenly Father for the children that He has given me! 

         I have have a ton of experiences in life and I have found that I have gone through challenges in my life that are not only beneficial to me, but they have made me more relatable to other people.  You will hear about some of these experiences as I go along. 

I hope that you will walk away after reading these blogs and feel uplifted in some small way.  Whether it be the "feel good" feeling, be inspired to carry on through a rough day, or chuckle a bit from what is written.  I welcome you, my reader, to a little bit of my world....


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    1. Welcome! I hope you can find something you can use from my blog. Even if it is just a little bit of hope that you are doing things right!