Thursday, November 9, 2017

The Joy of Teaching Children

I have recently been reminded of how "precious" children are in this world. It comes in the most unusual ways too! Normally I would write how my children did the most outstanding, adorable thing to make me reflect on why children are so wonderful - but if I were to do that you would soon question the validity of my past blogs. If you have been following my blog, you will find that I don’t "sugar-coat" the truth when it comes to children. I'm one of "those" people who tell it like it is. I am one to tell you that motherhood is hard - but rewarding. I am one to tell you that children are a challenge - but a true blessing in our lives. 

In truth, life without children wouldn't be life at all. They have the ability to teach you about yourself in ways that you wouldn't otherwise have the chance to learn. For example, in the past couple of weeks we have been struggling across the age span of our children and their challenges. We have had everything from "I can't wait to move out!" to "I hate you!" to "What's for dinner mom?" to "I love you mommy!" Yes, in my family we have all types of "tudes" that can get in the way of seeing the bigger picture. Thank goodness for a sweet hubby that has stepped in and came to bat for the mamma!

My hubby was able to smooth several ruffled feathers and point out to our wonderful offspring that I am not the enemy, but someone they can trust to get them over the difficult times or trials in their young lives. He was able to help them see that I could teach them how to get through the challenges they are going through. I guess he was able to help each child see that mamma has "been there, done that, got the t-shirt to prove it". All in all, things have worked out ok and we have all become "friends" again - well, almost.

I really am grateful for the past couple weeks of challenges cuz it has taught me that I love to teach children. I love the challenge of helping them see the best in themselves and to reach beyond what they think they are capable of. In short, I love to teach - no matter if it is in a home or school setting.

I have had the distinct privilege to help in my youngest child's kindergarten class. I go in every Friday for about an hour and help these sweet children. It is a joy (not to mention a great ego-boost) to walk into the class and see the faces of the children light up with excitement because they know that I am going to help them learn.

I think I have been missing this part of my life for a while now. As you will remember, I wrote about how I have worked with young children as a child-care provider, Kindergarten teacher and a Pre-School teacher. I don't really know what has me hooked either! I think it's a cross between finding some new exciting teaching tool and the excitement of a child when they are learning and finally "get it".

I have recently been contacted by a lady, Seisha Lock, who works for Upon further investigation, I have found this to be a wonderful teaching website that has many learning opportunities for children from ages 2-11 years of age. It is filled with learning games, stories & songs your child can explore online, as well as offers worksheets you can print to encourage "off-line" learning for your child. 
My daughter really had a fun time creating the "pretty pizzas" in the build a pizza game that teaches math skills!  In the course of my communications with Seisha, she gave me permission to include one of the many worksheets available from their website as a glimpse of what they offer.  (Feel free to print and share this worksheet.  The answer sheet is included as well).
To quote Seisha Lock for
"Make learning fun for your young learner with our matching list worksheet. Give your child more opportunities to sharpen their literacy with reading games, worksheets, and activities at!"

I was blown away when I was contacted by! It made me start to think of all I have done in helping to encourage young children to learn and become the best they can possibly be. It helped me to realize how important a role I play in teaching children they need to keep trying no matter how hard the task seems. To see the excitement in a young child's eyes when they finally master a task is more precious and rewarding then words can state.

I was also approached by my daughter's Kindergarten teacher and asked if I had ever considered being a substitute teacher. Not gonna lie…when you are less than 5 feet tall, your options are kinda limited. But if I were to be a substitute teacher, it would be for Kindergarten. The children are so eager to learn and explore. They are finally doing what their older siblings are doing and this is a very exciting time for each child at this age. Not to mention, I am taller than most Kindergarten children!!

So to answer the teacher's question, YES! I would consider being a substitute teacher for the Kindergarten grade. Maybe next year when my youngest is in all-day school and I am looking for something to fill by day with, I will seriously consider making the difference in other people's young children's lives once again. Until then, I will continue the wonderful challenge of my own children and helping them to see what amazing people they can become!

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