Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Old Time Pictures

A visit to the Old West is never complete until you let your hair down and snap a picture of what life was like in the "real" Old West.  My hubby and I love to get our pictures taken at a little hole in the wall place called "Jackson Hole's Old Time Photos" located right on the square in Jackson Hole.  They do AMAZING work!  Since this was a family trip we decided to show the many sides of our family.  Although we don't drink and "party" til we drop, we do like to relax and have a good time.  I think I shocked my daughter right out of her socks when I climbed into the tub and started having a good time!  This is what our family is all about, having fun while staying sober.  See, good times can be had even without the use of alcohol!

 After our "gambling" picture debut, we were off to the shops on the square.  This was a first time for my parents and my daughter, but my hubby and I are old pros at the shopping thing.  We have been there so many times that it is enough for us to just be there and experience the wonder of it all.

We helped the "newbies" find the best stores to shop in and we even made new discoveries for ourselves.  Discoveries like - huckleberry!  Yup, my daddy fell in love with the huckleberry lemonade!  My mamma bought huckleberry syrup for french toast (now let me give you a bit of background info on this one.  When planning for the trip, we planned a menu.  NOWHERE on the menu was listed french toast!  We had to change our menu to accommodate the syrup.)

We debated the importance of seeing the silver-dollar laden bar at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar, but vetoed the idea on account of my underage daughter and the cost of a single glass of soda!  I guess we'll just have to save that adventure for another trip.  But then again, even when I worked in the Jackson area years ago I never entered into the doors of said bar.  I guess it's ok to let some mysteries remain that way!

We opted for "gourmet" ice cream instead.  A bit of advise - stick to the Haagen-Daas just down the street!  

After spending several hours, and a bit of money, we decided that it was time to head for the cabin.  We had shopped till we dropped and needed a break before we headed to the Rodeo that night.  Besides, who can resist a french toast dinner?

To Be Continued....

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